Bienvenue and as-salaam alekum!

Welcome to Peace, Paix, Shalom, Salaam, my blog site as I work with Mennonite Central Committee in N’Djamena, Tchad. Here you’ll find stories and reflections on my experiences and thoughts during my time in central Africa. Specifically, I am serving as Peace & Justice Assistant with the Department of Ethics, Peace & Justice Department (EPJ) of the Alliance of Evangelical Churches & Missions in Chad (EEMET).


I am a graduate of the Worship Arts BA program at Columbia Bible College, in Abbotsford BC. My love of music is reflected in the naming of most of my posts. I try to use the name of a song or album, or a particular lyric that relates to the subject matter. If its a little arbitrary I might try to explain to you. Hopefully this is a good resource too for you to expand your music experiences!

Recent Posts:


  1. A New Chapter
  2. Orientation: Building Excitement, Meeting New Friends
  3. Nous sommes arrives (We have arrived)!
  4. A Few Tchadian Experiences: Part 1 – Airport
  5. A Few Tchadian Experiences: Part 2 – Critters
  6. A Few Tchadian Experiences: Part 3 – Le Grand Marche
  7. You Can Go Your Own Way
  8. Mama and Papa Tchad: The Austins
  9. A New Family, A New Home
  10. Bon Appetite!
  11. Round Round Get Around, I Get Around
  12. We Are Family
  13. Hit the Road, Jack!
  14. Money!… it’s a drag…
  15. Money for Nothing
  16. Gunman
  17. With A Little Help from My Friends
  18. Midnight Rambler
  19. September
  20. A Little Less Conversation
  21. Waiting on the World to Change
  22. Born This Way
  23. Goats in Trees
  24. Where the Streets Have No Name
  25. Smells Like Funk
  26. War on War
  27. Roads Untraveled (Part I)
  28. Stayin’ Alive (Part II)
  29. Are You Experienced? (Part III)
  30. Running on Faith
  31. All You Need is Love
  32. Higher Ground
  33. A Gentle Nonconformity
  34. Dilemmas and Discomforts on Remembrance Day
  35. Factory of Faith
  36. Technologic
  37. Exploited by Empire to Misunderstand Sacrifice
  38. Beautiful Day
  39. The A Team
  40. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  41. We Can Work It Out
  42. Christmas Time is Here
  43. One Minute to Midnight
  44. Food for Thought
  45. Do You Remember?
  46. Bad News
  47. Goodbye, Apathy
  48. Mountain Spring
  49. Naked In the City Again
  50. I Think I Found the Culprit
  51. Sacred Silence
  52. Sunburn
  53. Fifty-something? A Quick Update
  54. Preacher
  55. Prayer of the Refugee
  56. Everything’s Gonna Be Better Next Year
  57. Don’t You Give Up On Me
  58. First Time
  59. Don’t Wanna Fight
  60. Water
  61. Asharatun
  62. Djimaikara
  63. Marta
  64. Bokoye
  65. Missan
  66. Dappe
  67. Whole Lotta Love
  68. Seeds of Peace in the Desert
  69. Flood Waters
  70. Church Pew or Bar Stool
  71. Around the World
  72. Shine A Little Love
  73. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
  74. Picture of My Life
  75. Hard to Explain
  76. Picture
  77. Animal Bar
  78. One Man Army
  79. While You Were Sleeping
  80. Marie’s Wedding
  81. Big Jet Plane
  82. Sweater Weather
  83. Tükeneceğız

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